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Monday, 26 January 2015

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
It's Make Art Monday (MAM) time again. As I mentioned last week, Im working on jewellery surface pattern designs and still need several more new designs for planned collections. I'm trying to use each design in as many ways as I can and have based the colours around each collection. Each piece of jewellery will need a specific type of packaging as well as price tags and little cards for extra product information. The wording will change for some samples but I'm happy to go with the styles of the patterns I've developed - for now. As usual canvas or paper versions will go into the MAM Album but here are the digital versions.

Each design has a colour spectrum of either 3 or 6 colours. I've enjoyed making these patterns and the actual printed package material (in card) looks great. I'm working on using each design as a background for a drawing too and will share my progress each Monday. I think the project will take a few weeks but my work is going well.

Thanks for reading