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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Making Stuff

Hi Everyone
Today is all about my Tuesday Project.
The 'catchy' title for my Tuesday Project (I mentioned a title was coming last week) will be 'Making Stuff'. Ive been describing my ideas about the project for some time with this reference - so why not ? I like the simple and direct description of the central idea. It suits my purpose very well. I think anyone and everyone can understand the message and it should save me lots of time explaining. My challenge now - is to set up the practicalities of delivering the aims of the project.

I have a number of different target client groups for the Making Stuff Project and they will all have a personal reason for getting involved. I guess the common theme is a desire or need to 'make stuff'. One of my jobs needs to be attracting those who don't realise they need to 'make stuff' yet !!

I'm trying to find different ways of providing opportunities to get involved in this project. The delivery model will be non traditional ie it won't involve attending a workshop every week in a particular place. I'm thinking each person will access the project in their own way depending on their own needs and 'fit' for their personal lifestyle. I hope to offer a mix of support to provide the appropriate personal plan. I'm developing structured workshop projects to facilitate these personal development plans. My speciality will be polymer clay work but other artists will work on other disciplines. Each plan will access support when its needed as well as identify personal goals to stretch skills and hopes/dreams. Ive got such a strong sense of inspiration from Making Stuff and it's keeping me thinking (most of he time) about each tiny aspect of the project. This will be a long term thing - several years.

One aspect of Making Stuff is a workshop, every other Tuesday. This is a real practical, 3 hour session. Last week we started a necklace (look back to 13/1/15). The necklaces are developing well and everyone wanted to extend the time we need to complete the task - to include a second workshop session.

I want to try out some different beads sizes/ threading combinations to show more options - we talked a little about this last week. I will prepare some samples today. This is my initial workshop project

These images show the beads used are the same size (within each piece) and all follow a simple threading style. My new developments will use varied bead sizes and use the bead sizes to change the 'look. I'm going to alter the combinations and will take a view on what works best for me. I just need to decide on a colour scheme - possibly, something to match an outfit ?

Thanks for reading.