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Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Hi Everyone
It's Wednesday already ! - as usual my life is happening at high speed. I'm almost back to normal re routines and (miracle) the house is almost packed away post Christmas - boxes to go in the loft but READY - now responsibilities passed over to the loft packer. I'm celebrating my achievements so far this week as I write (with another coffee and a biscuit).

Another amazing thing came yesterday via the post. It's this :

I've been looking at these little machines for years and wondering if they would be worth the investment - both in terms of money and time (involved in the process). However, I've gone for it and am hugely excited and optimistic. I've not tried the process yet but maybe today or tomorrow. It's given me a massive lift this week - as previously mentioned I've been struggling post holidays.
If you are wondering what on earth it is - it's a rock tumbler which Im hoping will be great for polishing polymer clay beads. I need to adapt the system for polymer rather than rocks but I'm fairly certain it's going to be great. Individually polishing small and medium sized beads is incredibly time consuming and pushes me to the 'edge' !! This machine should make a difference to the final finish and happen while I can do something else. Will keep you informed.

Thanks for reading.