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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Polishing Beads ..... again !

Hi Everyone
I'm looking at polymer bead polishing again today. I'm quite obsessed with trying to figure out the best way to use my new piece of kit - the rock tumbler for polishing. Here is a quick look at my latest experiment with the tumbler :

I'm quite pleased with the finish and it's not that time consuming to organise but ........ I've seen a great YouTube video using special 'plastic cones' for using with the tumbler. I'd love to get a hold of some of these cones but can't find a UK supplier. The cost of shipping the items in from Canada is huge, so not a good decision. I've linked a video showing the idea behind the cones and they seem to be exactly what I need.
Check this out
I'm going to keep researching for my UK supplier.
In the meantime, I've also come across another great idea for polishing. I found the original photo on Pinterest.

You can see how this photo attracted my attention

Detailed instruction about this DIY tool can be found on the second link. Thank you Linda.

Check out here

The time consuming polishing of one bead at a time needs to be left for projects which are particularly special or only using a small number of beads.
But I love the idea behind Linda's tool.

I often think I won't get involved in single bead polishing and eventually get drawn in because the final finish even if it's a buffed sheen is so superior and I think it's just about accepting the time it's going to take.

Thanks for reading.