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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Future is in our hands.

Hi Everyone
I had my usual post holiday 'difficult day syndrome' (DDS) yesterday ! This happens after most holiday periods and I decided, yesterday, to just go with it. My day rolled on and I did absolute basics ie made meals and washed. My house is in need of a good 'sort' and this will be my job for today - Im still not into work mode and my creative world is on hold. DDS may last for up to a week but I'm hopeful I will be able to move on this evening !!!

Other much more important matters - you may remember that I ran a polymer workshop with some 10 year olds before Christmas (10/12/14 post). I mentioned I would share some of the results post curing. Here is a small selection of the best :

I was so impressed with the work the children produced. Some of these pieces were destined to be Christmas presents for Mums - how lovely to open up to one of these pieces on Christmas Day.
This little project feeds into a bigger initiative which will support a recent report about getting craft into the school curriculum. The report produced by the Craft Council is something I'm working on at the moment.Take a look at the report - it's quite accessible.
I will share my work here as I develop ideas for trying to make some of this happen. I do think there is a place for making stuff in the school curriculum and in a very busy school year, there is a need to be creative about how opportunities can be given to children/young people. This is a big job and will take time and many different solutions to implement. Exciting stuff !

Thanks for reading.