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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

New Projects - BIG & small

Hi Everyone
Last Tuesday, I mentioned a BIG project in my little world. The project is based on a recent Craft Council 'The-future-is-in-our-hands Report'. I'm hoping to implement a version of a practical model (check out the details here). It's a long term plan and involves various different delivery styles. I will be approaching the whole thing as a project study - looking at intention, implementation, delivery and review. At the moment there are 4 different strands. Each strand has a slightly different approach and a particular client focus group. All strands however, will use each other's resources and support structures. Sounds more confusing to describe in words, I like pictures. At the moment I'm drawing up the detail of the strands and want to make the project look pretty and inviting. Lots of drafts and edits going on but every day I'm getting a bit closer to the project outline. The job takes me back to my University days - this is a good thing. This will be my Tuesday job each week. I just need a 'catchy' title ? Will work on that one.
This morning is another of my local workshops - Workshop 7 (part of one of the strands). Today we are making these :

Each necklace and a bracelet has a different closure and uses different colours and bead sizes. The group always come up with new ideas which Im looking forward to seeing. I will get some photos and share the results.

Thanks for reading.