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Monday, 12 January 2015

Make Art Monday is back

Hi Everyone
It's back to work with much enthusiasm this week ! - sort of. We seem to have a gastric flu bug in the house ! I'm soldiering on but it's hard going. In addition, the weather is a bit wild this morning - windy and showers at the same time. I'm rather influenced by the weather and I'm hoping for a little sunshine to lift the day. I particularly want the wind to drop.

Last Friday (9/1/15) , I mentioned a little bracelet packaging project but it failed to get off the ground (the gastric flue kicked in) and I've been thinking about creating a few surface pattern designs to develop the project with my version of the packaging. As a result, the Make Art Monday will be re instated. This is the original inspiration for Make Art Monday - read the details of you are interested. Ive been looking for an excuse to bring the idea back into my life. I started this initiative a while back (Feb 2014) and it lapsed because I found it too difficult to fit into my work schedule. However, I've missed the opportunity to develop small art projects on a regular, planned basis. So, it's back and my plan is to start a project and follow through each Monday.I already have an album to keep my art together and as such have made each piece fit into the size of the book - mostly just short of A4.

I will give myself some time each Monday but not necessarily start a new project each Monday. As I've mentioned, I need some surface pattern designs and thought that will be my focus for today. It's a little project that will help me get into creative mode. I will share my progress with a current piece each Monday.

Thanks for reading.