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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Bella and her first kit.

Hi Everyone
I'm looking at the Making Framework today and Bella (our virtual maker) has received her basic polymer clay making kit. I thought we could share the contents of her kit today.
The kit comes in 2 parts - a Curing Pack and a Basic Tool Kit.

The Basic Tool kit is the following :

This very simple set of tools with the addition of baby wipes and kitchen roll is all you need to get going. You will need a way of Curing (hardening/cooking) the clay but Bella will do this in a local workshop. Bella may wish to Cure her work at home in future months and there is a basic Curing Kit which she can purchase for the job.
Here are a few photos showing how to set up the Curing Kit :

In the kit there are 2 small aluminium trays, 4 clips, single piece of grease proof paper and the most important bit :

This is an oven thermometer. Having the oven at the right temperature ie according to the label on the clay or in specific kit instructions ( this tends to be 110c - although you should always check). The clay must be cured according to instructions or it will not correctly harden.