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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Imitation Game 5

Hi Everyone
The Imitation Game Project (look back each Thursday for details) has lacked my attention yet again this week. I've tried out an aspirin style bead and am still not totally convinced it's what I'm after ? I want something different and this bead is very much like many other beads (in character) I've made.

I've got a few beads in the colour samples (bottom left hand square) but the necklace will not be particularly special. I'd like to change my idea of the clean cut round bead and go for a large but organic round shape and will move back to my stripe idea. I will keep the Aspirin Necklace as a design but not for my Imitation Game sample and with smaller beads.
I'm going to use the colours shown in my sample photo and make some striped organic shaped beads later today. I will then review what I've got. I'm certain about the silk tie for the necklace - it's navy silk so I have a clear decision to work around. The plan is for a long necklace at the moment.

Thanks for reading.