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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Imitation Game

Hi Everyone
Thursday's are about my Imitation Game series and the current project is making beads inspired by some lovely work from Jayne Flannigan as well as a dress fabric by Victoria Beckham (see below).

I've done very little clay work towards my project this week (other commitments taken over) but I've sourced the colours and mixed the clay. I've also decided on the individual shapes of the beads and that the first item will definitely be a necklace. I'm using the circle and half circle shapes as my starting point.

I need to experiment with the thickness of the beads and how I want to thread through the beads. However, I will use a navy silk bow to tie the necklace at the neck, I've been waiting for a project that would incorporate the fabric bow idea for some time. I think, I'll try out a number of sizes for the necklace. I'm a little wary of very large beads but think in this piece that's what's required - not sure at this stage - how large to go ?

I know I want to use a crisp cut line for the clay which will require a cutter and I suspect the size of my cutters will determine the size of the beads. I've been thinking about using a large aspirin style bead or making a hollow lentil bead. My experiments will need to direct me. I've dedicated an hour of my day so will move things on later.

Thanks for reading.