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Monday, 23 February 2015

Developments for Bella

Hi Everyone
It's back to work day after half term. Not sure I'm ready ! I actually 'work' all the time, sometimes thinking rather than doing but mainly because I don't think of what I do in the negative work word. I think what I'm talking about is the routine of being a Mum during school term time. I love the freedom of ignoring the clock (sort of). Anyway - it's back to routines today.

Talking of routines - it's Monday and therefore it's time for my Make Art Monday episode.
Last episode, I talked about creating a new Miss Mitchell piece - to be known as Bella (Mitchell). I've not started my piece (on paper) although I've thought about the piece and what I want to do with it.

In addition to thinking about painting portraits/ characters, we went to the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh on Saturday. What a fantastic experience. The whole day was wonderful and I was so inspired by so many portraits. The Gallery had an exhibition of BP Awards portraits which were amazing. I'm very excited by lots of ideas running around in my head. These are particular favourites from the day.
I see a little bit of Bella in this Flora MacDonald painting.

I want to try and bring a slight realism to the new Bella portrait. I still want to retain the doll characteristics but with some more realistic eyes and possible mouth ? Let's see where I go.
I loved the BP Award exhibition. Amazing work on a grand scale. I especially liked this one :

I also loved the Beauty by Design exhibition. Delicate lace in dramatic black pieces. I've enough material to keep me going for a few months !

Today, I plan to do some initial sketches for Bella. I will have them to share for next Monday.

Thanks for reading.