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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Re worked felted flower.

Hi Everyone
I've been out and about shopping with my kids today and am also suffering from a severe head cold (not necessarily caused by the experience). I feel a bit under the weather but have spent a little time trying to sort out my felted flowers from a recent workshop (and yesterday's blog). One of my two flowers (the pink version) had not been sufficiently felted and was having trouble standing up as a flower should. I re wet the flower and worked on the bits that needed more felting but was not sure if I would end up spoiling the shape - it looked as if things would go that way. In the end, I used a needle felting method to give the base of the flower more substance. I also added some more colours to various parts of the petals. The result is great. I'm considering adding some beads to embellish the flower but I'm not sure ? I'm going to sleep on it and decide tomorrow.
Here are a few photos to share the new look flower :

I guess the difference is not apparent if the before and after photos are not there. I didn't take photos to illustrate the two. However, I know it's so much better and am quite pleased with myself.

Thanks for reading.