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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Introducing Bella

Hi Everyone
Today, Bella has arrived on the blog and has signed up to the Making Stuff Project (go back to the last few Tuesday's to get more information on my Making Stuff Project).

Bella is a virtual student maker on the programme. She will embark on her first making project today and has chosen the Doughnut Necklace Project. She was attracted to this particular project by seeing examples of final necklace options (linked to the project information). Each necklace uses the same bead development but with different finishing styles and threading options.

This necklace is an introduction level project which should take around 3 hours to complete. I will be describing how Bella manages her way through the project. I hope to follow her progress and capture each detail in order to share her experiences - good and bad.

The first stage is to get the project details and acquire the equipment and materials. Here is a little background about Bella and her specific circumstances. Bella lives in a rural village and attends a High School in the market town of Morpeth, Northumberland. She has seen an opportunity to get involved in the Making Project via the school website and thinks the project could help develop some new skills. Her daily timetable is full of exam subjects and there are no spare regular blocks of time to get involved in craft and making. However, the Making Stuff idea is to allow for flexibility and provide the support and resources necessary for each individual maker. Her plan is to get hold of the first project and manage herself through the project. If she needs extra support there will be access to online videos as well as photo tutorials. There is also a drop in support surgery on Tuesday's in the school X Room Workshops. A Facebook page is planned to support the project and will be a great place to share ideas and provide peer support.
Bella has ordered her Doughnut Project Kit as well as a Basic Tool Kit and a Curing Kit via thepapersac shop. She will pick up her order next Tuesday from the X Room Workshop.

Next Tuesday, I will be there to share the contents of her order as she opens it up.

Thanks for reading