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Friday, 13 February 2015

Paper Flowers

Hi Everyone
My mini project today is a small paper flower. I'm developing something I need to embellish lots of little boxes. I need to make so many that the job has to be easy and reliable. I've been trying out a few designs and am not totally convinced I have the right item. Here are a few images of the samples :

I used these tools to make up all of the samples. A die set from Paperartsy and my Sizzix machine. I'm using scrap paper at the moment but will choose a bright small print paper when it the real thing.

Each flower from the first photo collage is based on the simple petal shapes of the die. I've cut 3 shapes from the middle size die.There are so many YouTube videos showing how to build the rose style flowers, I've put a link at the bottom. The other flowers are simply layered petals which have been scrunched. I adapted the petals as I tried to find an easy/quick technique and I think I like sample 2 - from my collection. I'm still wondering about another way ? Some of my flowers have little brads holding the petals together and some are just glued. When I have the definitive, I will show the detail.

Have a great weekend, thanks for reading.

YouTube link here