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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Making Moulds (2)

Hi Everyone
It's techniques and tools day today.
Last week, I made some little moulds to develop cupcake charms. My first attempt was unsuccessful - the shape did not work for me and the mould needed to be much larger - my small mould distorted the shape of the finished cupcake and getting it out of the mould almost destroyed the cupcake altogether.
I decided to look for a new shape to use as a master rather than making my own. I particularly wanted ridges in the base to mimic a cupcake case. Eventually, I came across a pen cap which looked as if it would do the job.
I made another mould. Here it is :

The new cupcake base was the correct size and seemed perfect for the job. All I needed now was to add the cupcake decoration.
I've used an extruder tool for the main job. Here it is in pictures :

The first cupcake developed like this :

I tried a few sizes of hole with the extruder tool and the smaller version worked best. I've a range of little cupcake charms and will show their finished state next time.

Thanks for reading.