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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Bella's First Kit

Hi Everyone
It's Tuesday and that means it must be The Making Framework discussion today. If you are following the Tuesday discussion you will know that Bella (our Maker Student) is about to embark on her first Making Project. She has chosen to go for the Button Earrings Kit. This kit is identified as a Starter Kit and needs minimal tools/skills to complete in 2 hours. Last week Bella received her Basic Toolkit and now she also has the Button Earrings Kit in BLUE.

The Kit contains a couple of introductory Fact Sheets : Conditioning Clay and Curing Clay. These Fact Sheets cover the initial 'what to do' questions when starting from scratch with any polymer clay project.
The kit also contains the correct amount of clay for several pairs of Button earrings and one pair of Sterling Silver earring posts as well as a small amount of acrylic paint and a small amount of polishing wax. The kit instructions introduce a series of experiments to familiarise Bella with polymer clay and begin to find some interesting surface textures/patterns. Examples are provided and Bella is also encouraged to find her own. The kit covers how to embed the earring post into the body of the earring bead and how to finish the surface design with the paint and the wax.
Each kit also includes a little box to keep the earrings safe or could be used as a gift box and a small plastic box to keep small amounts of unused clay and act as a working storage/ organiser container.
Bella has decided to attend a group workshop to work with her first kit but wanted to try out the clay exercises before the class workshop. She may buy additional posts at the workshop to make more earrings if her experiments work well. She will share her experiments before the workshop and of course her final earrings (having attended the workshop) next time.

Thanks for reading.