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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Cup Cake Necklaces

Hi Everyone
Techniques and Tools Day again today. Last week I talked about making little cupcake charms for necklaces. I've made up my batch and am ready to turn the necklaces into gifts. I'm using little paper boxes and simply decorating the boxes with paper rosettes.
I've pondered about the inside of the box and I'm going to wrap the necklace in co ordinating (colour) tissue. However, the Charm Necklaces need to be on display (to be chosen) before they can be wrapped.
My technique today is the simple decoration of the little boxes. I'm making about 20 for a charity event and need to be mindful of the budget. As a result the whole project is done with a very limited range of materials.
Here is a look at a few examples of the finished, polished charms.

I wanted each charm to be different and suggest different flavoured cakes. The customers will be children so the colours needed to be bright. I'm also going to make the rosetted bright too. My examples here are prototypes and just to get the sizing right. This is a good way of (very quickly) making plain boxes look quite sophisticated. The quality and colours/patterns of the paper used for the rosettes can really add vale to any wrapping. The die Im using perforated the paper strips and its a question of folding and adding a tiny bit of glue. The finished rosettes is incredibly strong.

These Charm Necklaces are part of a larger batch and I will look at some of the other items next time.

Thanks for reading.