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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Imitation Game Episode 6

Hi Everyone
My Imitation Game episode today has bad news - its not going so well. I'm still not there with my striped beads. I have a few bead examples and Im not happy with the results. I need to do more experiments. The beads I've made are OK and will be great for specific designs but not my Imitation Game project (read back to Thursday posts for details).

I do, however, have another technique to try - all is not lost ! I very rarely give up on anything !
My new approach will be the actual construction of the striped clay. I found this on Pinterest and all the links are there on my Boards (in Tutorials). The clay is extruded and laid upon a base layer of clay. The extruded lines are then rolled to press all the pieces together. I want my lines to be different widths - this idea seems perfect. I can add several lines of the same colour to give me the width variation. I'm hoping this technique will allow me to be more creative with the stripe design.

I'd rather lost my way before finding this idea - there's hope now that I can produce something new. I will prepare a few options for bead making. I want to get away from the bead shape for a while and simply get the clay design the way I want it. I think, this method will allow me to experiment with some colour combinations too.
I'm inspired to get going again. Thank you. To Linda Runeckles for the Pin.

Thanks for reading.