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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Bella is Making again

Hi Everyone
Last Tuesday Bella launched her new Doughnut Necklace to the world and today she is starting a new project - another Doughnut Necklace but this time using a wax cotton thread.
Bella had intended going to a local Make and Take event at her school in a weeks time to make her second necklace, however, school work has taken over and she now needs to prepare for an exam the next day. No problem - she has arranged to collect her kit and make it at home. Bella needs to make a few decisions about the options available with the kit. Which clasp to use ? and which colour wax thread to go with ? These decisions need to be made alongside the colour and design of her beads. Bella can't decide between the green or blue wax cotton threading. She has decided on the bronze clasp - this was the one she saw in the sample poster and convinced her she needed to make a second necklace. Her first necklace beads use a bright range of coloured clay and she is looking for inspiration to make something different. 

Here are her options re the threading and the clasps for the new necklace :

The kit comes with a wooden jewellery box - adapted to hold the necklace with a fabric insert.
The bronze hook is quite an elegant shape and Bella  particularly likes this look. She will decide on the clay colours over the next week and make her beads. We will feature some photos of her results next time and share how she attaches the S clasp along with her version of the final jewellery box. There are lots of options to personalise the boxes. The sample on the photo has been stained blue but the boxes are untreated so there are lots of possibilities.

Thanks for reading.