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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Imitation Game 9

Hi Everyone
My usual posting is still unresolved so Im not quite there with posting images as I like them. However, some progress to report re the Imitation Game Project.
I've made several versions of striped clay and fashioned them into beads in no particular style other than thinking about the long tube look bead.
I had thought about different colours but this has not materialised as yet. I'm still convinced by the plan but have run out of time with the project (for this week).

This batch (below) set out as a wider, thin piece but ended up being a cover layer (over a core bead). Further photos will be shared next time.

The next striped clay is more interesting and I think I've made a breakthrough. I've decided to link these fragile, thin strips with some sterling silver. The beads will overlap and will not be to everyone's liking - I like them more as I work with them. I especially like the rough edges and the cloud like shapes. I want to add a second clay layer to each long bead - to give stability and I think they will eventually form a necklace with a custom clasp. You will notice a few more convential earrings I the mix. These shapes arrived with the scrap ! No such thing as waste !

The next photo shows the idea of the new bead shapes. Many of the individual shaped beads have an unfinished look to them. I hope I can match the right one to each sequence to give a balanced look.

I'm hoping I can give a finished look without loosing the character of my bead.
Thanks for reading.