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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Imitation Game - moving on ..

Hi Everyone
I'm returning to the Imitation Game as it's Thursday and (possibly) I think it's time to move on ! I've been working on the current STRIPE project for quite a few weeks and I think my results have been mixed. Here is the range of beads that have come from the work. I've made a single necklace from the project so far .......... and I'm wearing it as I write. I love it (see blue item in centre).
The beads on the right are very thin pieces and need to be backed with another layer of clay. I think, I will mix a few different colours when backing the beads and possibly develop another stripe pattern ? 
Generally, within the project, I deliberately chose to make beads which just 'happened' - I didn't have a pre determined plan for any shapes. I have a great variety and want to develop jewellery pieces which suggest themselves. The colours are rather limited to my usual range - not sure why this happened ?


Originally, I used inspirational work by an artist called Jayne Flannigan and particularly this piece :

The new pieces from my experimental beads will emerge and I will give myself about an hour each week to finish the whole project. I want to use some different threading materials including ribbons and leather and maybe some traditional jewellery threading techniques - not sure ? I will share the final pieces as they develop.

I'm now planning my next Imitation Game - this will be called STARBURST and is inspired by this piece :

I'm determined to get into some new colours and as Spring is coming - Im going for Spring - like colours (I think ?)

Thanks for reading.