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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Making Holes !

Hi Everyone
It's Techniques and Tools Day and today, I'm highlighting a great tool for making holes. This tool is something I use on a regular basis.

My illustration example involves making cards for a recent jewellery project. The holes are made with a changeable mini die which fits on the end of the tool. The tool is pressed with the handle onto a special mat (to stop surfaces being damaged). Holes can be made through several layers of card and the tool makes a clean, professional finish every time. I think the fact that the tool can be placed wherever it's required is particularly useful.
In my photo example you can see both the bottom right and bottom left examples of where specific holes (of various sizes) can be made to specific spaces in small earring cards. Both cards show the smallest and largest holes available. The holes with the ribbon passed through are the largest and just right for the job. The small holes are ideal for ear wires.
I simply wouldn't be without the tool and if it breaks I would replace it. However, I came across this information read about tools for making holes and it's definitely worth the read. If you want to buy my brand of tool it's called Karen Foster-Multi-Purpose-Embossing Clikit and costs about £35.

Thanks for reading.