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Friday, 27 March 2015

Mini Project Poppy

Hi Everyone
It's my Mini Project day today and I'm still developing my clay flower series.
Last week, I started making a Poppy and it took quite a few times to get a seed head that I was happy with. Eventually, I found a pair of tweezers gave me a good impression for the rounded top section of the seed pod. I used tweezers to squeeze the little segments together - this gave me a pleasing finish.

The next phase was to surround the seed head with a black fringe section- made by snipping a narrow length of black clay with scissors to form the fringe. This fringe represents the stamens. I'm not that happy with the stamens - I will try and make a more realistic collection of stamens in my next flower. I think they would look better if they were made separately. I know this will be a challenge !
I made four petals from a mixed blue/green/white marbled clay mixture by just squeezing and shaping small flat bits of clay. I added each petal as per a real flower petal arrangement and am about to cure the flower. Fingers crossed all will come out as I want it. 

I'm not sure if the process would work better if I cured in stages ? I will review the final item and decide. It's worth experimenting.
I like the Blue Poppy look and will go with it. I can improve my method of work and although it worked well I know I can also improve the shape and the construction. The Poppy will tie and eventually form a tag for one of my kits - hence the string (just in case you were wondering).


Have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading.