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Monday, 2 March 2015

Bella - underway.

Hi Everyone
I'm happy to report that Bella is with us (sort of). Her initial sketch is on paper ie the basic shape of her head. She will develop and I'm not sure how I will take take the face. I'd like to make a large portrait (eventually) and I will plan to create a felted wool dress. The dress is still in the thinking stage and I think the painting will tell me where to go with the design. I will spend about an hour each Monday and a few shorter sessions throughout the week. It's important to keep momentum but I'm also aware that I'm so busy at the moment.
Here is the initial face :

I want to keep some of the Miss Mitchell early characteristics. This portrait will be an older version of the character so she needs to be recognisable as such.

I think the colours will be important as well as the simplicity of the dress with bows. Butterflies will feature too. Eye makeup will show more sophistication and maybe her shoes can be featured in some way. I also love the idea of using wood again. Wood is a great surface to work on and I feel comfortable with acrylics - so that's my paint choice.

Thanks for reading.