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Monday, 30 March 2015

Holiday Notes

Hi Everyone
I tend not to publish my blog during holiday weeks but this Easter we are all engaged in work of some sort and I thought I would keep to my  which includes writing my blog. I will adopt a more relaxed approach and hopefully include more photos. I will aim to take photos of the highlights over the next few weeks and hope to be organised enough to put them on the blog ! That's my plan (always subject to change) !!

Over the weekend, I celebrated my birthday. We had a lovely few days eating out and generally touring around enjoying the countryside. Over the years, I've  struggled to find outdoor birthday locations because it's usually freezing and depending on when Easter falls - all tourist things are closed until the actual Easter break. This year the weather was OK - we dodged any rain. I was given lots of lovely gifts and enjoyed myself very much. I'm going to give myself the extra gift of enjoying the next two weeks in the same way. I have some money (to spend) and some craft kits to enjoy (making) and a few new books to read - lovely. I'm also going to cut down on house jobs - quite a difficult task as I do minimum housework all the time ! 

Here is a view of the Garden Room where we had lunch on Saturday. This is a lovely 'shabby chic shed' with a beautiful garden.

I should have taken more photos of the rest of the day !!

Thanks for reading.