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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Knitting - sort of !

Hi Everyone
This is another quick holiday post. I mentioned yesterday, that I celebrated my birthday at the weekend and what a lovely surprise arrived. A Wool And The Gang knitting kit. The package was huge and the general look of the parcel was very exciting (to me). The kit is a chunky necklace. Here is a photo of the package and a quick look at where I've got with the kit.


At first, I really struggled with the actual knitting bit. To be accurate there's no knitting involved, it's more of a knot technique. Once I'd got the knot, I practiced quite a few times to decide on how tight I needed to get each knot. I think I've got it - the Wool And The Gang site has a range of video tutorials and I needed to watch lots of times to get the knot. I was beginning to loose hope but eventually I got it. It's actually (like many things) quite easy after mastering the technique.
I love the effect of the chunky knots, it's made using T Shirt yarn and has a very large lobster clasp fastening. I'm hoping to complete my masterpiece today so I will post the results tomorrow.

Watch this space !

Thanks for reading.