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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Imitation Game 7

Hi Everyone
I'm still in the experimental phase of my striped bead developments. Each week I try and spend an hour or so on this project and this week I've managed about half an hour - such as life ! Read back to each Thursday for details of the initial project.
My latest idea was to develop a striped clay with strands of extruded coloured clay. I didn't extrude the clay this time but created an uneven stripe pattern by rolling individual pieces of clay with my hands and alternating the colours. I then rolled the clay with a roller tool and merged the colours slightly.

I could have put the clay through the pasta machine for a thinner finish at this point but I wanted to try the basic technique first. I plan to use the pasta machine next - I think this may distort the stripes ?

I've played around making some basic beads and used the different shapes to change the surface pattern and give a completely new feel to each bead. I'm giving the beads a reference to compare - this batch is called 1IG.

I will continue with these experiments and develop the shapes. I want to get a thinner range of stripes as well as some longer tube beads. I also want to try out some new colour combinations. I will (hopefully) have a wider range of experiments to share next week.

Thanks for reading.