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Monday, 23 March 2015

Make Art Monday

I'm optimistic  that I'm back on track with the blog posting. I've ditched the previous mobile app and I'm into new territory - scary stuff ! Fingers crossed, I will be OK. I'm taking forever to learn how to drive the app. I must be patient !!!

So ..... It's Make Art Monday and Bella.

Bella has moved on ..... She has some paint on her head and face. She needs more colour in her hair and I think her eyes could be improved.
This is Bella with a bit of paint- these photos are just sketches and practice pieces to allow for experiments and I will spend time on a few more experiments before I go to the final wooden painting.
Bella's face is a bit crumpled - it's still wetish and its poor quality paper !!!


My next idea is to make a wet felted dress for Bella. I know the simple style and colour scheme I've got in mind. I may need to cut the shape ? I'm not sure at this stage. I will make the felt and see what happens. I will get on with the dress before making another painting.

Thanks for reading.