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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Polymer Clay Moths

Hi Everyone
For some reason my blog app has let me down - so this is not quite the post I had intended.
Today, is Technique and Tools Day. I've been experimenting with making shapes using a thin cutting die. I've chosen to experiment with the same moth die I used on Friday (look back for details).
Generally, things went well. I put a piece of clay through the pasta machine on setting 3 and setting 7.
No 7 was very fragile and no 3 needed to be cut out. The simple die created a good shape. Perhaps a no 5 or 6 setting may improve the final item.
Ive included a few images to illustrate my experiments. The photo above is the pre curing image and the one below is after curing. I do intend to develop the moths and make some more versions with different clay and varied sizes.

Hopefully, I can get my app working later today.
Bye for now
Thanks for reading.