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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Doughnut Bead Development

Hi Everyone
Bella's Doughnut Beads are ready for curing (see each Tuesday blog for more details) Bella will use the 'drop in' workshop to cure her beads later today. Bella decided to go for simple lines and spots as her surface patterns. She also decided to leave two of the beads plain. The colours of the beads are complimentary and toned down a little from the test patterns (see back last Tuesday). Bella toned down the bright colours by mixing each clay with a little of the mustard colour clay.

The clays bead colour were created and made into to a flat round. Bella chose to use the test ideas from two of the experiments (see top right).

These five beads are the finished items with their holes in the centre.
Bella is very excited about her efforts and is looking forward to the beads being cured. She will drop off the beads before going into school and pick up the cured beads at lunchtime. Hopefully she can spend some time this week finishing off the beads.
There is a useful Fact Sheet in the Doughnut Kit which explains how to work with the beads, post curing, to give a professional finish.
Call in next Tuesday to see how Bella's beads turn out.

Thanks for reading.