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Monday, 16 March 2015

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
Bella moves on again in Make Art Monday today. It's her week 3 appearance ! I spend about an hour each week working on this project and report each Monday. It's a slow and enjoyable process. I deliberately want to make the whole experience relaxing and considered. Drawing and painting is almost always a pleasure for me but I do need to feel right. I can't be rushed or pushed.
Bella has some colour - eventually. I've used wax pencils for this initial version, lots of control is possible with pencils and I think it shows. I quite like it as an image but I need to be brave and feel acrylic paint is needed.

I plan to add another layer in paint. I like the idea of using a palette knife to apply the colour - maybe the odd brush stroke but I'd like to get some texture with paint.

I feel Bella has taken a few years of her face by adding the colour. I think her face is wider and less mature - more like her pencil sketch. I don't mind this - it's just a bit too safe.
This week I will spend another hour or so and see what happens.

Thanks for reading.