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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Making Framework

This week, The Making Framework is developing a Scrapbook Journal. This little book has started life as a large piece of medium weight card along with some plain thin scrapbook card. I've cut the thicker card to form a cover and made some smaller and different sized pages for interest. Some pages are full size (to the cover) but I've put a few smaller pages to form flaps. All the pages are sewn together with embroidery thread. The thread will have some handmade beads attached, using polymer clay.

 I've started to form a double page layout in a regular scrapbook style in the book. This double page has 'a way to go' but  I've incorporated some of the elements which will be used in the book. Each little element of the pages will record a memory and/or feeling/statement relating to one or more of the workshops. Most of the elements will use small scraps from previous projects so the whole book will contain little bits of each workshop and form a kind of record of the journey made while participating in the Making Framework.


The idea behind the scrapbook/journal is to bring all the MAKING disciplines together in one project ie those developed in the Making Framework Workshops this year. These disciplines include polymer clay work,paper craft skills, decoupage and felting (bother wet and dry). The basic book looks a bit like this:


The plan is to develop pages with more elements, materials and skills as we introduce new projects to the Framework. My next part of the project  will be to make a cover for the book. I'm planning to make a felt cover and will start experimenting over the next few days. Will share new developments as they come along. 

Thanks for reading.