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Friday, 29 January 2016

From Scratch

Hi Everyone
My FROM SCRATCH offer today involves a sort of 'pick and mix' idea. I'm developing some polymer beads in various colours and sizes which can be made into simple bracelets, necklaces and rings. The idea is to package little bags of beads with some stretch threading which can be made into the various pieces of jewellery. I will have a few samples to show how the beads will look after stringing (for inspiration) and I plan to make little themed collections eg mini cup cakes or house charms and unusual shaped beads. 
I'm planning to add some new beads each week and will use my Clay Day slot to start my stock. I'd also like to make little bags which reflect each bead set. I will have some fun thinking about new themes as I develop the idea.
My first range of beads will be based on the Green Bead range. I'm including more greens as well as some yellow/mustard, blues, raspberry and orange. I will use the same surface pattern and similar shapes. Each bead will be hand crafted so all will be different but the surface pattern will help all the beads and colours to compliment each other. 


I'm still working out, how many beads I'm going to need for each piece as well as how to offer this 'pick and mix' idea for sales. I will set myself a target plan and hope to keep it going as a regular part of my work. These polymer stretch pieces are particularly useful to wear for sporting activity as well as work. They are especially light and durable as well as standing up to being wet. I find I can easily clean them with a baby wipe when I've smeared paint all over them or accidentally spilled glue on them.

Hope you like the idea. More news on this one, next week.
Have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading.