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Friday, 10 February 2017

Art Yarn

Hi Everyone
Great news from yesterday, I developed the Art Yarn I talked about in my blog (read back for more on this). The project is still in experimental stage but it is going well. I've spun an amount of yarn with a Drop Spindle and plyed it. In fact, I've 'over plyed' to give lots of texture and a certain stability to the strands of yarn.


 The idea was to colour the yarn and wind the finished yarn around a core to give a thicker strand - suitable for my necklace. I've not identified my core yet. I may use a woven coloured cord or possibly a thick hemp ? Will try both.

So far, I've hand painted the yarn. Surprise, surprise - I've gone for my favourite colours again ! I particularly wanted to test out a new Navy dye. I love it and it worked reasonably well.

I did loose a little of the orange/ yellow vibrancy but overal, I'm very pleased with the results. 

Today, I'm hoping to test out a few more ideas for the final design. I'm quite impressed with how the little skein looks - simply worn as a necklace as it is ! The 'over ply' gives an impression of curly locks of wool and the colours are lovely. However, I'm also keen to test out some beading ideas to embellish the piece. In addition, I do see some kind of clasp which will define the item as a necklace rather than a skein of yarn.

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend.