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Monday, 13 February 2017

New Knitted Item

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing a new knitted item today (almost complete) - its a scarf/mini shawl.

The pattern is called '504 King West', named after a tram route in Toronto, Canada. The pattern was created as an easy pattern, suitable for travelling to work in the city for a Knitalong campaign. It's a great pattern and very easy to learn.

I've chosen to use four colours from Blacker Yarns - Westcountry Tweed. The colours are Grey,Turquoise 466,Mustard and Turquoise 408. The two Turquoise colours are in fact rather different and the darker of the two, I would call Teal. There's quite a contrast between the two colours.
I started the knit on Sat. and thought I may get it finished last night but I've a few more rows to go, hopefully I will finish today. I'm not a quick knitter, so it's obviously an easy, fast knit.
My knit was partially inspired by the Blacker Yarn Knitalong for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, taking place in March (10/11th). So, hopefully - I will be wearing my scarf to the event. Check out the details here.
I've chosen a different colour pattern (to the original) and used lots of stripes as well as small blocks of colour. The yarn is not a soft knit, I'm hoping after blocking, the scarf will soften a little. My original plan had been to include a section of Brioch stitches. However, after managing to work out how to work the Brioch stitches ( several You Tube videos, several times) the section was much too thick and didn't work at all. It all came out ! I will save that technique for next time !

I'm happy with the way the colour pattern has worked and I'm looking forward to finishing the final section of the scarf today. I'm hoping I can share the finished item over the next few days.

Thanks for calling in today.