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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Arm Warmers Story

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm featuring the story of The Arm Warmers. This project has been running fo some time - way back in October, I made some hand warmers/Mits in a knitting workshop. I loved the workshop experience and learned lots of new techniques (to me). However, the completed Mits, didn't quite work for me.

The pattern gave quite a bulky thumb gusset and I decided after much consideration that the thumb part didn't sit well on my hand. I re worked the thumb several times and was still not totally convinced I liked the finished design. Then, last Friday (at my knit group) a friend was wearing a lovely set of arm warmers in a beautiful Fairisle pattern. I tried the arm warmers and could have taken them home with me. I loved the idea immediately. As a result, the re working of the Mits stopped and I started the arm warmers instead.
Ive retained the lovely surface pattern of the Mits and adapted the pattern to accommodate the increased width of my arms. I also liked the sideways knitting technique of the pattern and wanted to keep this element, I needed to adapt the pattern to increase the length in order to fit my arm but this was not a problem.
I've completed the first arm warmer - needs 'finishing' but I'm thrilled with the result. 


The moral of this story is 'never be satisfied with knitting unless you love it' !

Thanks for calling in today.