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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentine Greetings

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm sharing some of the results from last weeks Making Workshop. I didn't organise the specific project to coincide with Valentines Day but it was a happy coincidence all the same ! Our session project was all about quilling. This is a very simple idea but can be very effective. I have some little winding tools to help but essentially it's about rolling thin strips of paper into coils and sticking them onto a background. My workshop samples didn't focus on Valentine Greetings card but we all decided to make a Valentine Card on the day. Here's a quick look at the samples again :


I've not published our results until now, just in case, one or two Valentine partners called into the blog ! I live in hope.
Everyone had a great time making very romantic little cards for today. I always appreciate a handmade anything, so I'm hoping all the recipients feel a little extra  'love' this morning. Here's a small selection of the cards being made during our workshop -


We had great fun making these cards and all the cards worked well - so much better than buying a card ! Well done to everyone.

Thanks for calling in today.