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Friday, 17 February 2017

Poly Beads

Hi Everyone
If you have been following the Yarn Necklace story earlier this week, you will know I'm working on Polymer beads to add to the necklace design. Read back for more on this. I had already mixed colours and shaped the quite large beads to give the yarn strands some structure. I wanted to give the beads a little depth with an additional acrylic paint layer. The paint highlights any marks on the surface of the beads. I'd made some intentional marks on some of the beads which I wanted to develop but a subtle colour change is also a welcome result.

The rather vivid yellow colour of the beads has now become a much more appealing mustard which is more like the yarn of the necklace material. The small, round lime  coloured beads are now beautiful little 'apples'. I'm tempted to take them for my next piece of news - NEW earring designs. I gave myself a target of making a piece of jewellery each week (must admit this was way back in the New Year - better late than never !). So, my first piece of the year is a pair of PolyBead and Silver drop earrings. The PolyBeads are shaped and have a subtle surface design, cut into the raw clay prior to curing. I've added a paint layer, as per the necklace beads, and this gives the beads interest. The blue bead is a square shaped connector with two holes for attaching the Silver components. The earrings are very simple but great to wear and have lots of possibilities for more designs with different shapes and colours. I love the way the beads move and the whole thing is very light to wear.

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend.