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Friday, 24 February 2017

Tunisian Crochet

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing a little project that I worked on yesterday. I'm 'on holiday' so have been very lazy this week. I've dabbled in a few things but generally have indulged myself - feels great. 
Back to the project - its a Zip Bag made using Tunisian Crochet. This technique is a bit different from standard crochet. The hook used is a long needle - more like a knitting needle but with a standard crochet hook on one end. There are lots of YouTube videos on the topic - I will add a link at the end of this post re this specific zip bag project tutorial if you are keen to learn more. 
I made a bit of a mess of the first couple of attempts re the project but have managed to get to grips with the simple basket weave pattern. I'm using up the leftover cotton yarn from a previous project, it's a yarn I've over dyed a few times. I have never been satisfied with the dye job but it's turned out great for this project. The colours look great together and the pattern texture highlights the individual colours beautifully. 
I've changed the construction of the bag (as per the tutorial) and will crochet the whole fabric area and sew in half to give me the bag (the project suggests making two pieces and sewing together). The bag will get a zip and  a cotton fabric lining. I haven't chosen my fabric yet - will need to delve into the stash later today.


I'm pleased with the way things are turning out - and the suns shining ! (not good for the photo but gives an impression of the morning !). I'm tempted to keep going until the yarn runs out ?  - we will see ? I'll do a review, once I'm done. 

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend. 

Zip Bag Tutorial : here