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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Shawl News

Hi Everyone 
I'm sharing the results of a little pattern research. I've been looking for a shawl pattern this week - it's for some of my new hand spun yarn. There's probabaly not enough of the prepared skein (top image) to complete either of the patterns (see below). I'm keen to develop more yarn, specifically for the shawl. I'm not sure about colours ?

The yarn I've produced is something like a double knit, it's a lovely soft wool from Blue Faced Leicester sheep. The pattern examples are both by Stephen West and I'm drawn to the left shawl because of the colours - too many for me on this occasion in the example. I'm looking for possibly a bright green with two other colours ? - not sure which, at the moment ? 
I'm yet to knit up my own spun yarn and am anxious to just get going, I'm begining to 'build a wall' and am telling myself it's not very good ! - I don't need these thoughts in my head so later I will cast on and get going. As a teacher, I'm forever dismissing such ideas from my students and am disappointed in myself !!
My plan is an experiment but I'm going to spin and dye more yarn as the need arises. I will probably need 3/4 batches. Not sure this is an efficient move but it feels right for me at the moment. I need to keep thinking about colours for the rest of the day. Such a lovely problem to have !

Thanks for calling in today.