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Friday, 3 February 2017

Making News

Hi Everyone
My post today is following on from yesterday's spinning story. I've finished the batch of my latest spin (read back yesterday for details) and have plyed the two bobbins. I illustrated that although the two bobbins were similar in colour - each had a distinct either purple or green bias. In plying the yarn - it looks very green. But on closer examination, there are many colour layers going on. 


After plying, I immediately wanted to give the yarn batch a name. When I think about the yarn, I'm reminded of a particular field of Heathers in Northumberland, very close to Rothbury. I see all the colours of the yarn in this field (in my mind) from a visit several years ago. So, I've called the yarn Northumberland Heather. As mentioned yesterday, I will need to spin more yarn and will dye the next yarn in solid colours, picking up each colour from the Northumberland Heather batch. So satisfying to have this plan under development.

I'm also sharing a little project I was working on yesterday. It's a Making Workshop project for next week. The photo shows a couple of quilled cards.

I feel, the photo doesn't quite do the cards justice - the card on the left is a very pretty item (in real life) with lovely colours. I've taken inspiration from an 
Angie Lewin print. My version is much simplified but the colours and shapes are similar. 
The other card is another great idea from Pinterest - clouds and coloured rain drops - all made from paper. I love the idea that thin bits of delicate paper  become so strong when they are quilled in this way. I had a lovely time messing about with paper and glue.

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend.