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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Bead Loom Project

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing a new piece of equipment today - a Bead Loom. I've had a basic wire Bead Loom for many years and have dabbled with it from time to time. However, I've devised a new Workshop project and needed quite a few more Looms. So, my little team of engineers have been designing a new Bead Loom to put into production.


The prototype Loom is a lovely item - we need to modify a few minor things but generally, the Loom works beautifully. One of the problem design issues was around the thread guides at each end of the Loom. These guides are crucial for separating and spacing the weave threads for attaching the beads. After several experiments, I've made these pieces from polymer clay and they are working well, the barrel shaped piece is held in place with a screw on either side of the frame. A second wooden dowel placed below, allows the threads to be tensioned with a butterfly screw. The Loom frame is made from wood and is quite 'chunky' - the whole Loom is lovely to use and works well.
I've woven a range of seed beads in a random pattern and am waiting for some slide clasps to finish the bracelet.
Now - I need to commission nine more Looms and we are ready to go ! When the final design has been approved, I will give a detailed look at the design  review here on the blog.

Thanks for calling in today.