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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Yarn Jewellery (2)

Hi Everyone
At last, I've managed to move on the yarn necklace project I started a week or so ago. For some reason, I've been stalling this one for the last couple of days ? Yesterday, I seemed to find many other important tasks ? - which needed to be done before I could get going. However, although I've still not untied my dyed yarn (see photo story), I did make some polymer beads and spun another small length of yarn to make a second batch of yarn for a second necklace. I will dye this new yarn in reds and purples. The original dyed yarn is still hanging on my wall - just like a piece of Art. It made its way onto the wall for photographs but it's still there  ! Somehow it's difficult to untie ? 


I have a couple of different necklace designs in my head and hope to spend some time today and tomorrow working on both items - with a view to finishing the necklaces by next week.

Thanks for calling in today.