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Monday, 6 February 2017

New Hand Painted Yarn

Hi Everyone
I've had great success this weekend with my latest hand painted yarn. The colour was inspired by a new Dovestone Yarn colour called Brass Band (check it out here I saw the actual yarn at my local knit group on Friday and immediately knew the colour I wanted to make. I'm considering using some of the Dovestone yarn (Brass Band) alongside my hand spun for a new shawl. I have several little balls of leftover Dovestone in a variety of colours and am going to find a way of using them together.

I used my usual method of microwaving the yarn after painting. The last few yarn painting sessions have been rather poor, lots of colour loss and not good consistency of colour ! However, this time everything worked perfectly. I love the colour but not sure how it will look side by side with the Dovestone Brass Band ? I will check out the colours later this week. I have some blue/grey yarn to add to the yarn stash and will develop more colours when I find the right shawl pattern.
I'm hoping to repeat my success later today with some navy dye. This time I will dye some wool for spinning. 

Thanks for calling in today.