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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Yarn Jewellery

Hi Everyone
I'm experimenting with some yarn jewellery ideas today. I would like to come up with a version of a yarn necklace made from wool roving. The project will form one of my Making Workshops in a few weeks time. This will be an ambitious project ! We will aim to use a drop spindle to hand spin some art yarn which will be made into a necklace. I hope we can develop some great textures with the wool roving and for a beginner spinner the art yarn approach offers lots of possibilities. The idea at the moment, is then to hand paint the yarn, which will offer more opportunities for making. We could also add silk threads and beads for a dramatic statement necklace - that's the plan !
There's a way to go ....... but one of my lovely arty friends sent me a great project using leftover yarn which has given me a good start to the project. A bit of research on Pintrest also came up with a few extra inspiration ideas. You can check out all the detail of these Pins in the photo story from my Board 'Art Yarn' on Pinterest.


As with most art based work, colour and texture is so important. I think our Making Group could work together on this one. If we share the yarn produced, a variety of textures and colours will be available and we can come up with something very special. 
I'll share my results over the next few episodes.

Thanks for calling in today.