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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Serious lushness by Post

Hi Everyone
SO excited to receive a gorgeous little package in the post yesterday, from Pinki Punki on Etsy.


It's 22 gms of dyed silk fibres in lovely colours. It was such a lovely little box and a huge luxury surprise. Obviously, I knew it was on its way (I did order it myself ! ) I wasn't expecting the box packaging. Initially the package disguised the fact that it was my fibres. Thank you to Pinki Punki - it's lovely. My intention is to blend with some wool fibres and spin to give me a skein of yarn. I'm planning a scarf or cowl project. Exciting stuff.
Other news, I'm also celebrating the completion of my 504 scarf/shawl project. 

I blocked the finished scarf yesterday and it's been drying overnight. It's now dry and ready for wearing. I'm hoping to wear it, later today. After soaking the wool has loosened up and is much softer. I love the colours and the pattern worked well. I will certainly be knitting another.

Thanks for calling in today.