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Friday, 31 March 2017

Purposeful Spinning

Hi Everyone
My little story today is about a new knit project as well as something I'm thinking of as purposeful spinning. I have some plans for colourwork knitting and am tackling this very small project in preparation, ie. developing my skills, for a larger sweater. I also wanted to think about spinning (specifically) for the project. Initially, I hadn't thought about a specific range of colours for the job but somehow the yellow and blues in my stash seemed to 'leap' out. Look back yesterday for more images of the blending process. 
I've spun the mixed fibres and also a neutral cream and a complimentary blue - hand dyed for the job. I didn't spend too much time thinking about which blue to use but I like the light denim colour which has emerged. I used food colouring and it's not always reliable in terms of the outcome.

             I'm also trying hard to keep good records of my spinning. It's very easy to just spin, ending up with small amounts of yarn waiting for projects which will never happen because I can't reproduce enough of a particular yarn to knit anything substantial. The record card in the photo story is just for the yellow/blue mix - I have other cards for each of the yarns I'm using. In theory, I can now spin each individual yarn again and again. I have all the key details and samples of the spin (to compare) as per a recipe. The pattern calls for 2 ply jumper weight and I've tried to create something similar. I may need to swatch a few times to get the gauge sorted ? 


The pattern is a pair of very simple wrist warmer items. The pattern is called solveig wristlets by Outi Kater. I'm hoping, I have chosen the right yarns to make pretty wrist warmers. I'm not sure how long I can make the wrist warmers ? I had some ideas about turning them into more of a 'gauntlet'. However,  I'm not sure if there's enough yarn ? I have 25gm of each of the colours (as stated in the pattern) - I could develop more of the neutral and the blue (possibly a slightly different shade of blue ?) but the mixed yellow/blue is unique - no more of that !

I'm hoping to cast on later today, so should have something to show next week.

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend.