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Friday, 30 December 2011

Beach and 'Great Inspirations' plus mince pie recipes !!

Hi Everyone
weather been mixed today - cold but sunny this morning and now very wet and colder. Its been a busy week of socialising and family. Its a few days since  my last blog and the christmas break is moving at a pace. Soon it will be back to work normal phase. Not sure what I feel about this - I know I will get to find more time for creating but will miss having the freedom to spend time with my family and friends. We had our annual christmas walk with friends today followed by a pub lunch - excellent food and lots of fun chat.
A few days ago, I promised some pictures of the beach  and did not get them up here at the time. Our system has been upgraded and hopefully will be better to use. At last, here they are :

The sun was quite bright behind the boys and there was no wind at all - very mild. It could have been a summers day - amazing. This was about 2pm but looks much later.

Also, here is a picture of the christmas cake we made (talked about this too - last week)  - I did think it was completely over the top - but its actually rather nice - the boys were responsible for all the stuff other than the actual snow scene icing (which I did). The cake has almost been eaten - its one of my better versions.

On another matter - last night we watched the latest Great Expectation on TV - it was quite impressive and has inspired me to do something in the style of Miss Haversham and her house - as well as the period generally (portrayed by the clothes and furniture) it was quite breathtaking. This picture (towards the end of the drama) is a little taste of what I mean - very, very shabby chic. It was a really good watch.

Thats it for now - hope to be back tomorrow. I'm planning to make more mince pies - I use a lovely almond pasry and a fantastic little baking tray. Will share my recipe/method and pictures tomorrow.

Bye for now.