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Thursday, 22 May 2014

A 'positive' disaster !

Hi Everyone
It's another and the weather is awful ! - heavy showers and very disappointing. What happened to Summer ? Despite the weather, I'm hopeful I can get creative !

My plans for the Make Art Monday piece (the roses idea) failed completely, yesterday. I eventually chucked the whole thing in the bin. I tried quite a few approaches and was hopeful - right until the end. Each little idea filled me with new enthusiasm. However, towards the end of the afternoon, drastic measures had to be taken ... in the bin 'it' went. That left me with a problem - what could I do now ? I decided to use a section of a recent piece of artwork ie the Genevieve painting. I digitally flattened all the colour, cropped the full size version and then printed it. I re painted the face and added some additional details and eventually produced this :

It's quite a simple rework of a painting but Ive had some ideas about using this technique for other prints and will try out some more ideas. I like the idea of doing a series of versions of the same painting linked as one piece. Perhaps my 'disaster' will start something interesting ? I did like the roses image from yesterday and am a bit disappointed that it came to nothing. I will definitely work on doing something with that too. Not sure what ? I need to 'ponder' for a while.

Update on the current jewel work - the second set of earrings from the Gray Collection is still waiting. I know what I want to do - it's very close ! The broaches will also begin in about 5 mins.

My mind is working on producing a papermache large flower (I blogged this idea last week and it's been swirling around my head ever since) as a house vase display item (in pink).Ive got a couple of bright pink cushions to make too. I think possibly this weekend may produce something. The flowers are the ones I mentioned a while back, inspired by Hilary Bravo. Here's a quick reminder :

This is a broach created by Hilary Bravo but the idea is there. I want my version to be larger and attached to a stem of some sort. I have some florist vases and would like to fill them with my flowers. Ive worked through the idea in my head and have all the materials (I think). I will do a small version first - maybe a broach - to test out my plan.

Thanks for reading.