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Friday, 23 May 2014

The Gray Collection is growing.

Hi Everyone
I have to admit, the 'weather' is a huge influence on me everyday. I must have been living outside in another life ! It was lunchtime yesterday before the sun started to shine. I seemed to be (subconsciously) waiting for the sun and then tackled the last pair of Gray Collection earrings and made the silver hooks. I couldn't decide on the actual design, having been quite sure of it at the design stage. In the end, I tried a few shapes in art wire (see below) to check what worked best. I blame the weather on my procrastinations.
As soon as the rain stopped I'd decided what to do. Here are a few photos.

I created some little roundish nuggets on the end of the wires to hold the beads onto the hooks. The nuggets have been cleaned and hammered flat. I like this approach rather than making a loop or adding a pin.

I couldn't decide on the size of the hook 'bend'. My original idea was to have a very short hook with the bead almost on the ear. It didn't look right. I have tried to give a slightly different look and this large curve makes a sort of hoop but a dangle at the same time.

I will wear the earrings for the day to check how they feel and standup to practical living. Amazingly, the Gray Collection has grown again. The collection started as 4 or 5 pieces, now I'm heading for ?
The broaches and the rings are underway with an added 2 pieces which will be 'hair jewellery'. Ive long been keen on developing hair jewellery. This will be my first try. Here are a few more elements of the collection :

1- extra pair of earrings (more decisions for hooks)
2- crimp covers for necklace 1
3 - extra tiny earrings (even more hook decisions)
4 - top part of a ring 1 (may add a sterling silver band ?)
5 - no idea at the moment
6 - broach 1 (base layer only)
7 - clay band for ring
8 - top part of ring 2

All these elements need to be given a paint treatment and further development but I'm learning much more by taking this experimental design approach. I'm carefully recording each stage and will have a good tutorial as a result.

Have a great weekend. It's also a holiday time for us (kids are off school next week). Hope the weather picks up ! We are spending time doing big house jobs rather than going away but all will be relaxed and I'm planning lots of 'me' time (biggest challenge of all !)

Thanks for reading.